Police Department

The City of Bishopville Police Department works to protect and serve the Citizens of Bishopville.

Chief J.D. Dellinger

Mission Statement

The members of the Bishopville Police Department are dedicated to providing the highest quality police services to enhance community safety, protect life and property, and reduce crime and the fear of crime. To do this, we pledge to develop a partnership with the community, lead a community commitment to resolve problems, and improve the safety and quality of life in our city.


Working together in partnership with other City employees and the community, we will be recognized as one of the foremost professional, effective, and progressive police departments in South Carolina. Year after year, we will lead in efforts to improve and sustain the public safety and quality of life in our city.


Human Life

Above all else, we will protect and preserve human life.

Employee Value

Our people are our most valuable resource.

Community Service

We are committed to public service and the improvement of the quality of life in our community through community partnerships and mutual accountability.

Problem Solving

We value utilizing a teamwork approach to facilitate individual and group creativity to accomplish substantive long-term solutions to our community's problems.


We are committed to becoming the profession's benchmark, through constant attention to self-improvement and development of optimum departmental systems focused on quality performance and results.


We revere honesty, fairness, respect, and a consistent application of objective standards.


We consciously and consistently demonstrate a commitment to the Peace Officer profession.

Field Operations

We provide effective and efficient police services to the City of Bishopville 24 hours a day, including protection of life and property, maintenance of order, investigation of criminal events, prevention of crime, orderly flow and parking of vehicles in the city, field evidence collection, support services for all emergency communications between department and community, and delivery of a myriad of assigned municipal services.

Support Operations

We provide essential support services efficiently and effectively for line operations of the department, including Records Management, Property and Evidence, Youth Services, and Investigations, and maintaining contact with seniors in the community.


It does not matter if you are perspective police officer or certified with multiple areas of expertise. The Bishopville Police Department Support and Training division is ultimately accountable for ensuring each officer is up to date in his/her training and legal knowledge.

The training officer is a South Carolina State Certified instructor who develops classes and teaches the necessary and mandated officer development classes as well as in-service recertification. The Training Division also hosts classes and invites outside agencies to attend. This leads to good community relations and networking between officers.

The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy provides law enforcement training to the state of South Carolina. The Academy equips South Carolina's certified law enforcement and detention officers with essential knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to do their job. From police training to reserve to detention officer training, the Academy helps assure professional law enforcement training for all SC law enforcement officers.

The Academy provides standardized, uniform basic, advanced, and specialized law enforcement training. The Academy began providing SC police officer training in 1968. The Academy graduates more than 18 Basic Law Enforcement classes and 12 Basic Jail classes a year. All courses considered, the Academy annually graduates 23,000 students. Among the graduates are 911/Telecommunication operators, highway patrol officers, detention officers, and law enforcement officers.


Cover letters and/or resumes will only be accepted when accompanied by a completed Employment Application, EEOC Statement, and Background Authorization. All forms must be signed and dated. Mail completed application package to the Police Department.

The Bishopville Police Department accepts applications year-round, however we are not always hiring. If you wish to submit a completed application package please feel free to do so. Your completed application package will be screened for potential employment with the City of Bishopville. Your application will be held for one year from the date we receive it. After one year, you will need to re-submit a completed application package if you'd like to be considered for a position. Thank you for your interest in the City of Bishopville.

The Bishopville Police Department and the City of Bishopville are equal opportunity employers and will consider each applicant accordingly.

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